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    2012 - 08.04

    Burnaby does things well. I was a Coquitlam girl until I moved out here about five years ago with Dave, and I love it out here (not that there’s anything wrong with Coquitlam!). One of the things that I find awesome is that the Burnaby Public Library now has a category of books they call “Speed Reads”. They’re on a shelf at the front of the library with bright neon stickers on them. They can’t be requested, put on hold or renewed, so it’s kind of like a nifty treasure hunt to see what’s there. Last time, there were two copies of Mockingjay and a new Charlene Harris book. Another time, the newest Laurell K. Hamilton book was there, and I’ve seen very popular books waiting. It’s a great way to avoid wait times! ┬áJust make sure you’ve got the time to read them…they’re only a seven day loan, and the overdue fines are $1/day. Ouch. Flashbacks of SFU library… :/

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    One Response to “BPL Speed Reads”

    1. David says:

      Woo! Speed Reads for the win. I think we’ve collectively read 4 different books in the last couple months this way. We even both read one of the books.

      Definitely has worked out well for us. Would be nice to know what books one might find on the speed reads shelf though… maybe a separate listing of what is currently in the rotation so you can decide if there’s stuff you should be looking for…

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