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    2012 - 06.21

    Just kidding, of course dad isn’t on Facebook, that would just be weird.  According to my totally unscientific survey — which really consisted of me consulting with my gut — father’s of my generation (e.g. my father, not the father’s who are members of my generation but rather the fathers of the members of my generation) are one of the most under-represented groups on Facebook (at least of frequent computer users).

    Does this jive with your experience?  Is your father on Facebook?


    3 Responses to “Dad’s on Facebook?”

    1. Glenn says:

      Karin’s dad isn’t on facebook either. Luddite?

      • David says:

        I dunno, you could just say that he takes after his father who also isn’t on Facebook…

        On the other hand, maybe he gets a pass because he reads our blog…

    2. […] little while back, I made a joke about the father’s of our generation not being on Facebook.  Well that was the 2012 of two months ago, since then everything has […]

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