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    2012 - 06.01

    Was at Save-on the other day and saw something a little unexpected: MADD Beer and Wine.  Both are non-alcoholic, which of course you knew because otherwise they wouldn’t have been in the grocery store… but still it’s interesting.

    So they have a white and a red wine; bubbly, mulled wine and sangria specialty wines; margarita and mojito cocktails; Brut (Champagne) coming soon.  That and if I remember correctly it was a lime beer which I saw on the shelf (but not on the website).

    It’s interesting in concept and execution, also 10% of the net sales go to MADD Canada.  Nice to see a charity doing something other than a run/walk to raise money, and in something that aligns so well with their mission.

    My guess is that since these are all virgin beverages, but which are supposed to mimic the alcoholic version that I myself would not actually be interested in them.  That said, they seem like a good idea, and could work for people trying to cut back, or be designated drivers, or I suppose perhaps even pregnant women (I assume it’s only the alcohol that they are supposed to be worried about, but I don’t know that).

    Anyway, if anyone does try them out, let us know if they are any good.

    p.s. they were on sale at Save-0n while I was there…


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