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    2012 - 05.28

    Turns out I was a little premature in announcing the removal of my 3 wisdoms, today was merely a consultation.  So I get to stay all wisdom-y until next Tuesday (June 5th).

    The consultation was interesting, perhaps not worth the $90 fee, but interesting still.  I get three options for the surgery:

    1. Go to sleep
    2. “Twilight”
    3. Stay awake

    Apparently it’s a personal choice, which is interesting, and I suppose it should be, but it’s hard to know what is the best decision for yourself.  I suspect most of us aren’t able to make this through some previous personal experience (at least I assume that it’s pretty rare that wisdom teeth respawn like Orcs in a dungeon), so really how equipped are we to make the call?

    Being awake seems to have the most advantages generally, no pre-eating restrictions, no driving restrictions, etc… with the downside that you need to actual be awake while it’s happening.

    Twilight is sort of a middle ground where you’re sedated but not put out.

    Being put to sleep requires that someone drive you to and from the appointment, and there’s various eating and drinking restrictions before hand.

    So anyone out there who would care to offer an opinion from their personal experience?  Anyone who stayed awake and didn’t regret it?

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    3 Responses to “Still all wisdom-y”

    1. Karin says:

      SLEEEEEP! Get completely knocked out.

    2. Wendy says:

      I had two out at the same time and only had a local. No problems.

    3. Jen says:

      I had both of mine out at once with only a local but they were both fully emerged, so that might not really be applicable to you if that’s not the case. It was really easy though, took longer for the freezing to work than the extraction, but that may depend on the dentist too.

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