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    2012 - 05.16

    Lots of shows that one or both of us watched at various times this year have been cancelled, although on rare occasions those decisions are reversed, it doesn’t seem likely in these cases.  Maybe next year we’ll do a better job of ignoring the new shows and watch less television…

    Here’s a list of some of the shows:

    • Unforgettable
    • NYC 22
    • A Gifted Man
    • Missing
    • Prime Suspect
    • The Firm
    • Awake
    • Harry’s Law
    • Terra Nova
    • Alcatraz
    • The Finder
    • The Secret Circle
    • Ringer

    Of those I think the one’s we’d ask to have saved if we could would be: Awake, Terra Nova, Alcatraz and The Finder.  Karin would likely observe that it’s no surprise that Fox cancelled shows she liked…

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