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    2012 - 05.14

    We went to see The Avengers this past week on Tuesday in the VIP.  We all enjoyed the movie, and it was good!  Lots of really good one liners.  I’d guess this one is going to keep raking in the big bucks (and it did $200 million in the first weekend and over $100 in the second weekend) mainly because it’s good movie.  Well paced and satisfying with characters and actors that people like.

    Something strange did happen though, we were in the VIP 19+ theatres, and during the movie a couple of times we heard crying.  It wasn’t often, and it wasn’t even loud enough that I was sure until after the movie was over, but someone had brought their baby into the movie theatre.  Not sure how they managed that.  The end result was however that in addition to getting to see the movie and mostly not being annoyed, we also got free passes for another movie.

    So all an all it was a very good day, and we’d recommend that you go and see it.

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