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    Ball or Disc Golf?

    2012 - 04.15

    This is actually pretty cool, I used to play ball golf back in the day, but gave it up for various reasons which I won’t go into here.  That said it’s still very popular, and one of it’s biggest tournaments is the Masters.  This year it was won by Bubba Watson.

    So why do you or I care?  Well I care because of the interesting bit of information that Bubba Watson is also a card carying member of the PDGA, yup the Professional Disc Golf Association… that’s kind of cool.  Wonder if there’s a mini-golf organization and if he’s a member of it too…

    Full Article: Bubba Wins Masters | Professional Disc Golf Association.

    Lucky Number Slevin

    2012 - 04.14

    Saw this movie was on Showcase a little while back and taped* it, I’d seen it before and quite liked it.  I’m even going to go so far as to classify it as a favourite, which is interesting since it’s one of the few favourites which I don’t own in any form.

    If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching.  Stylish thriller with strong comedic elements, nice twists and turns and good dialog.

    * “Taping” a show, I suppose perhaps I’m dating myself now, what do the kids call it these days, do they use the technically correct and technology neutral “recorded”, or do they actually say “PVR’d”?  It won’t be much longer before kids won’t know what a VCR was and that for most of 30 years people used magnetic tape for watching movies or recording television…

    Email Avalanche

    2012 - 04.13

    Anyone else out there finding that they’ve fallen behind on their email?  Anyone got great tips?

    I’m working to get my inbox down to 0 which might not be an achievable goal in the short term, but I’m going to try to work on it for 2 hours a day until it’s achieved sometime in 2016…  Ok, it’s not that bad.

    It’s funny how email has changed the world for better and worse, but in the near term it’s here to stay.

    To be honest I think what I really need to do is only check my email in one location, because the real problem is balancing the email which you’ve read somewhere else but were unable to deal with at the time, or for which you didn’t have access to the necessary bit of information because it was on a different computer.  I think that will solve the problem…

    The Borgias

    2012 - 04.06

    We haven’t watched any of this yet, but season 2 is about to start on Sunday.  One of the reasons we didn’t watch it the first time around is that it wasn’t available in HD, but now Bravo is available in HD.  Additionally, Bravo is airing the whole 9 episode first season before the first episode of the second season on Sunday.

    So if anyone’s interested it’s a good chance to check it out.


    2012 - 04.05

    So Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to acting, this probably isn’t really news to most people.  He’s recently confirmed that there will be sequel to Twins, which will reunite him with Danny DeVito and will add Eddie Murphy as an additional sibling, making the movie “Triplets”.  Don’t know that I’m personally looking forward to that one, my favourite comedic turn for Arnold is Commando with Kindergarten Cop as a close second.

    It did however get me thinking what movies from his catalog I would like to see sequels to, and these are the ones which I came up with:

    1. True Lies (1994) – great movie, really fun, good concepts and well executed.  Left the door open for additional sequels which never happened.  As Red showed movies with old spies can work, so there’s potential here… at least if you can wrestle Jamie Lee Curtis away from her guest staring roles on NCIS.
    2. Eraser (1996) – another solid movie, got a little silly at times, but still the core concept was good and could easily translate into a sequel.  Additionally this could be converted into a series or transitioned to another actor, but the core is solid.  Not exactly In Plain Sight, but on some level that’s a good thing.
    3. Commando (1985) – ok, I don’t really want a sequel to this one necessarily but with him taking a bigger role in The Expendables 2 which serves to some degree as a spiritual successor I think I’m good.

    There’s a new version of Total Recall coming out shortly, which although an Arnold role really didn’t need to be an Arnold role, except that it was probably his star power which helped to enable the movie to be made.

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