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    2012 - 03.18

    After trying for a couple of days to make it to the movie we final were able to shake our tail and caught a matinee in one of the VIP theatres courtesy of a free pass we received for Christmas.

    We were predisposed to liking the movie as we’re fans of Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.  We quite enjoyed the movie, it maintained a high degree of plausibility and the characters consistently acted rationally.  The trailers did a good job of getting us to want to go and see Safe House, but they didn’t really explain the actual title.

    Unlike the David Fincher movie Panic Room the entire movie doesn’t take place in a safe house, rather it’s a good action/spy movie which features a safe house.

    I don’t know if this actually reflects the way they actually do it in the intelligence community, but in the movie there are Safe Houses spread around the world and they are manned by a CIA agent, who’s whole raise d’etre is to babysit the house for the landlord in case they have a house guest.

    In the movie there’s a house guest and things go very very wrong.

    Enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to those who enjoy the genre, solid movie.

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