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    2012 - 02.23

    So the movie adaptation of the Hunger Games is going to be opening soon… so here’s a few questions:

    1. Have you read it?
    2. Do you want to see the movie?
    3. Do you think someone should read the book before seeing the movie or after?

    I personally haven’t read it.  Karin has, I expect that she’ll want to see the movie (given how she loved the book).  So I’m mostly looking for a recommendation as to whether I should read the book before or after watching the movie (although I suppose if I don’t read it before the movie and don’t like the movie, I might not read it at all).

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    5 Responses to “The Hunger Games”

    1. Joyce says:

      I haven’t read it. The thesis horrifies me. However, if someone tells me it has a optimistic ending, I will give it a glance. I have noticed many of my students are reading it, but also realize I haven’t actually asked any of them about it. A potential segue for tomorrow morning’s “how’s it going?” conversations??? Teenagers just love it when I start asking them deep meaningful questions! Lol

      • David says:

        To be honest I don’t really know much about it, other than it’s supposed to be good. Which in general is the way that I like my books and movies, where it’s a discovery while I experience it, and that way I don’t have preconceived notions which hamper the enjoyment of it.

        It’s been a while since I’ve been a teenager, but they must have changed if they would consider “how’s it going?” to be a deep and meaningful question. Or is that just because you don’t ask it like this: “Hz it g’in?”

    2. Karin says:

      Yes, yes and YES. It’s on the window sill by my bed, I think. :)

    3. […] a while back I asked whether I should read the book before I watched the movie or not.  This decision was partly made […]

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