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    2012 - 02.22

    Spent a lot of time writing and replying to email today, not a totally unusual occurrence, but today was more than normal.  In most cases it wasn’t even that there was a lot to do, or that it was complicated, it was more just that it was time consuming.  Sort of like laundry, it’s not like laundry is hard, it’s just time consuming.

    So here I am daydreaming thinking about how quickly all those emails would have been dealt with if all I had to do was think the solution rather than implement it.  This probably applies to most things you wish you could accomplish faster, but today I definitely longed for a direct brain interface.

    Now, carefully think back on your inner monologue for the last week, and think of how good a thing it is that we don’t have that brain interface yet.


    2 Responses to “If all you needed was thought…”

    1. JC says:

      If you’re using gmail, you can use the canned responses plugin from labs to quickly answer the faqs.

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