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    2012 - 02.04

    So the one thing that we’ve had recently which I haven’t mentioned in the recent plethora of food related posts was something that Karin got for Christmas: Nando’s Sweet Apricot Peri Peri Sauce.  Strangely not listed on the Nando’s website (which although cute and amusing is ridiculously difficult to use).  Regardless it combined two things: Karin’s love for apricots and her love of Nando’s and incorporated it into “favourite dinner” (a.k.a. dinner that someone else makes for her).

    Anyway, there’s no instructions on the bottle, so went to the website to see what the recommended usage of the sauce was (which of course is how I know it wasn’t listed on the site).  Basic instructions are brown chicken pieces then add sauce and cook for another 10-12 minutes.  So that’s what we did, and had that accompanied with oregano garlic oven fries, and that might have been it.

    The heat of the sause was rated as a “medium” and we learned that medium was not too hot for us.  So we definitely learned something.  We’ll probably try some of their other sauces before we go back to this one, as we didn’t notice a strong apricot flavour.

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