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    Busy Weekend

    2012 - 01.31

    Between getting Abandoned Towers ready to launch, Robbie Burns Night for the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band (my brother’s band) and the Led Zepplin/Pink Floyd laser show at the Planetarium, we had a crazy busy weekend.  I even managed to get some blog posts cranked out over at Abandoned Towers and on Random Synapses. :)

    I did not, however, manage to get much of my own fiction writing done.  Soon, my pretties.  Once we have the AT site finished, I’ll have a lot more time to get on that. (stop laughing…let me have my delusions.)

    Designed For Karin?

    2012 - 01.17

    It probably just seems as though this product is designed for Karin… but then again maybe it is:

    Fellowes Heat and Slide footrest

    That’s right, it’s a heater, it’s a footrest, it’s magical…  It even allows you to warm the top of your feet.  They also have one that can heat and cool you off.  I noticed the first one at Costco.ca

    Mostly just mentioning it because I didn’t know such things existed…

    Specialized Skills

    2012 - 01.10

    Ever look back on your life and realize that you have highly specialized skills which you aren’t really sure how you developed?

    Well, I know how I developed these particular skills, but still they are strange, or I find them to be.  It’s probably pretty obvious with the upcoming relaunch of Abandoned Towers that I’ve kind of got that on the brain.  At the moment I’m migrating all of the existing poetry catalogue into the new poetry format, and creating author pages for the poets.  Essentially it’s a copy and paste operation, with a few bells and whistles.  In my experience however most people are really bad at migrating content.

    The problem: they want to ‘touch’ it while they do the migration.  Sometimes that’s appropriate, but most of the time you want to avoid touching the content, as it just slows you down.

    In this particular case, by the end I will have actually touched every single piece of content that goes on Abandoned Towers, and yet I will have read next to none of it.  I’m interested in speed and bulk, not in actually reading the content.  So sounds simple, right?

    “Yeah, I know right!?”

    Well the problem is since you’re not actually reading the content, and doing a repetitive operation, it can become quite mind-numbing, so the skill comes in actually keeping the speed up, while maintaining focus and accuracy.  So far I’m averaging about 20 poems an hour, which is quite respectable, not super awesome, but with the amount of meta data which needs to be extracted from the content (without reading it) makes it respectable.

    Beta Testers Wanted

    2012 - 01.09

    Everyone probably knows all about this already, that in October Karin took over the ownership of Abandoned Towers, since then we’ve been doing all sorts of work on it (most of it behind the scenes).  Well we’re pretty close to being ready, so we’re now looking for some people to beta test the new site for us and provide some feedback.  If you’re interested in doing some testing or even just taking a sneak peak let us know.


    2012 - 01.08

    There are a number of movies that we saw during the holidays, in particular:

    • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
    • Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol

    We saw both of them at SilverCity Coquitlam in the new VIP theatres.  We enjoyed them both, and would recommend them both to others.  Both would be action movies, but good entries into the genre.

    If you’ve seen and enjoyed the previous Sherlock Holmes then I expect that you’ll enjoy the new one.  If you’re a fan of a the previous Mission Impossible films, you’d like the new one as well.  Both were solid and enjoyable.

    We’ll talk about the VIP experience later…

    Karin’s Resolutions

    2012 - 01.04

    This year, I’ve actually made some resolutions that aren’t “quit smoking” (I don’t smoke, so haha, I did it…go me…etc.)

    • Eat breakfast.  I’ve been having this nasty crash in the morning when my blood sugar drops. Dizziness and nausea are not fun in the morning.
    • Exercise. I started doing almost daily yoga/Pilates on Boxing Day.  I need to remember how good I feel when I’ve done yoga. I am very bad at remembering things that are difficult but enjoyable.
    • Write. I kind of stalled on the novel again.  I’M SO CLOSE TO FINISHING!!!!  I need to get it down, then start editing.  Also, I have several websites that are collecting dust.  I need to get myself moving on those.
    • Focus. I have things I need to do, things I want to do and things that would be nice to do.  Time to focus and do them…in that order.
    • Not be so hard on myself. I have a LOT of negative self talk, and I tend to spiral myself into fits of anxiety over what someone might be thinking of me.  Time to let some of that go.  Also, just because I make a mistake or mess up on a resolution…doesn’t mean it’s all over.  If I discover in March that I totally forgot to exercise for three months, then it’s just time to start again.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Sleep Hygiene

    2012 - 01.02

    Today is the last day of vacation for me.  I tend to be nocturnal when left to my own devices (aka: not being forced to get up early due to work) and this vacation was no exception.  A week of staying up past 3 or 4 wreaks havoc with my schedule, so in an attempt to regulate sleep patterns, I’ve tried to get up early (ish) the last few days and last night I was in bed by around 8 with a dose of melatonin in my system.

    This was a risk, albiet a calculated one.  Sometimes I’ll go to bed early and sleep through and it will be absolutely amazing.  Other times…well…not so much.  I wind up sleeping like a baby.  Awake and grumpy every half hour.  Fortunately, it seems to have panned out.  I (mostly) slept through the night, waking myself up around 0600 (yikes) with a teaching dream.  Ugh.

    Messed around on my phone for a while until Dave came to bed (apparently he’d been working on the Abandoned Towers website since 9 the previous evening. O_o) then got up to look at the changes, write some email and mess around on the computer for a while.  Now I’m going to have something to eat and do some yoga…two resolutions: breakfast and exercise.  Writing this post is another resolution in the can…trying to keep up with the blogs. :)

    Vacation’s Over

    2012 - 01.02

    The phrase “vacation’s over” actually always makes me think of a Sting song “Saint Augustine in Hell”, of course I had to go and find the song to verify that I had the title right.  It’s from Ten Summoner’s Tales, and the phrase comes from the section which starts at 2:33 and goes through 3:10.  Although the phrase in the song is actually “break’s over”.

    Here’s a video that someone put together featuring clips from Supernatural to go with the song, it’s a Dean/Meg theme.


    So it being the first day of the year 2012, the vacation I’m referring to is not the pleasant couple of weeks of having Karin at home predominantly to myself, but rather the vacation we’ve taken from talking about ourselves.  On the bright side, since we haven’t been talking about what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks, we might actually have some good stories.  Well we can pretend together at least.

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