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    2011 - 11.29

    It’s been a little while now, and I’m both a little more energetic and awake, that and it’s past time that I actually write this update as promised earlier.

    So let’s start off with: I feel better, not quite “healthy” but substantially better.

    Here’s what happened:

    • Living with Karin you get used to all sorts of little colds and illnesses because she brings them home from elementary school with her, and she’s not known for the most robust constitution (although in general she’s getting better).
    • I started to develop a bit of a fever on Tuesday night, which is odd for me, as I don’t usually get them.  It kept me up all night, or I was awake all night, the fever may not have been the reason for that
    • Wednesday I felt a little better but not actually better and then got worse in the evening, clocking a fever in the 102 range, figured I’d be better the next day.
    • Thursday, was feeling a better in the morning, but again not well.  Took a DayQuil and a shower, and even made dinner.
    • I only ate a little of dinner and felt a bit nauseated afterwards.
    • Took a bit of a nap, and felt that I was really warm, but figured that part of that might have been sleeping on the couch right near the baseboard heater.
    • First temperature reading was 105, it went down to the 103-104 range… so a little bit of it was probably the heater.
    • We called 811 and got their opinion on what we should do, the recommended Tylenol and a trip to emergency
    • We got to Burnaby General right about shift change, lots of people waiting to be seen, but no one waiting to talk to admissions or triage.
    • First temperature reading at triage was 39.5 (Celsius) (103.1 F), so less than it had been reading at home, but still a reasonably high fever.
    • Because I was feverish and had a bit of a cough I got to wear a mask while I was in the waiting room…
    • We stayed waiting for about 2.5 hours at which point Karin left and my dad came in (there was overlap)
    • By this point the Tylenol was kicking in and my temperature had gone down to 37.9 (100.22) which just barely counts as still having a fever, I was considering leaving and just medicating at home… but I knew that Karin would feel better if I actually saw a doctor.
    • Got in around 2am, and only had to wait about another 20 minutes to see a doctor.  Neither the doctor nor the nurse (from earlier) heard anything wrong with my lungs, but the doctor sent me for an X-Ray anyway.
    • It was pretty obvious from the X-Ray that I had some pneumonia in my left lung, so a prescription for antibiotics and I’m on my way.
    • Started the antibiotics Friday morning at 9am (day 1 of 10)
    I’m now on day 5 of 10, and I guess I’m getting better, I’m still not well, but there’s been no reoccurance of the fever (not at extreme level at least).  I have a bit more energy, and generally feel better.  I guess we’ll see what happens at the end of the 10 days.

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