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    2011 - 11.16

    As anyone who read yesterday’s post is aware, I went to Costco yesterday.  Left out of yesterday’s post is the fact that upon my return I noticed that I now have two burnt out headlights.  Not nearly as dangerous as it might sound since I still at least have fog lights, but still, a situation which I need to address before doing any more driving while the sun’s not out.

    Normally, I’d just get it done at the dealer, but trying to be frugal here, so I decided to look into it a bit more.  Turns out that you can spend a crazy amount of money on bulbs for your headlights, it’s pretty easy to spend $60+ (at least there’s lots of bulbs which appear to sell for that amount or more).  I still haven’t actually bought replacement bulbs yet, as the variety and relative price disparity of the various bulbs caused me to spend way more time doing research than I had allocated.

    Tomorrow I’ll hit Lordco and/or Canadian Tire and fix the problem.  Better hope I think of something better before tomorrow (or that Karin decides to post), otherwise you’ll end up with a post tomorrow “let there be light”.

    One thing that I didn’t realize before doing all this research was all the strange rules and regulations which applied to “headlamps” over the years, and I also didn’t realize that the low beam shape is different in countries where you drive on the right versus those where you drive on the left.  Having never given it that much thought I just assumed that the reason that high beams cause so much glare is because they are brighter and throw their light farther.  Turns out that it’s also because of the regulated shape of the low beams.  If you’re interested you can read all about it on Wikipedia (like I did).  The one thing that really stands out though is that despite all this regulation and thought that has gone into this, it’s still possible to improperly aim your headlamps… that seems like it should be a totally solvable engineering problem, maybe if someone mentioned it to the Dyson guy using cyclonic technology to suck the bulb into proper alignment…

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