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  • Polish Sausages (in the refrigerated section)

    2011 - 11.15

    It’s a while back now that I noted that Polish Sausages were back at Costco in Canada.  Well, now in addition to being able to buy them from the food court, you can now also buy them from the refrigerated section: Kirkland Polish Sausages.

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    3 Responses to “Polish Sausages (in the refrigerated section)”

    1. Daddyman says:

      They ran out in Poco today at lunchtime.

      • David says:

        Lucky for me when I have lunch at Costco it’s usually because I’m shopping, and I usually stop for the polish at the beginning… so should such a tragedy as you describe befall me, I could stop at the end of my shopping trip. Even so, sucks that they ran out! On the bright side, I guess it means that they are popular and hopefully they will keep them around (although I don’t believe that them leaving previously had anything to do with popularity),

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