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    2011 - 11.10

    Those of you who are now, or historically have had an addiction to Facebook games, or even just used them to pass the time may have played Gardens of Time.  It’s one of those games where you need to find an object on the screen.

    I hadn’t played it in a while, but went in to give my “neighbours” the assorted help and items they’d requested.  I wonder if that makes me like State Farm?  Regardless, they’ve added a new feature “weekly challenge”, so I thought I’d check it out.

    It’s a new “scene” where you have 60 seconds in order to find as many of the 51 items as you can.  This isn’t totally new game play as they’ve had scenes like that before, but most of those had over 60 items to find, which given the time limit seems highly unlikely at least and impossible at most.

    So after more attempts than I care to admit, I finally managed to find all 51 items in the alloted time (I had peaked at 49 items before finally doing it).  So I was quite pleased with myself.

    Anyone out there remember the old Solitaire that shipped with Windows 3.1 (or maybe it was 3.0 that it came with originally).  The first time you completed it, and those cards start bouncing all over the screen.  I bet you got someone to come and watch it with you.  It was silly, but it was nice to have your accomplishment recognized in some form.

    So back to Gardens of Time, there was no congratulations, no cascades of cards either (although that would have been a little odd, funny, but odd).  Instead of any recognition you get the same normal score screen as before.  The only difference this time is that because I finished the level I got a “speed bonus”, no completion bonus, just a speed bonus.  Was it a huge bonus?  Nope.  Three thousand points, yup 3,000, because I completed the level with 2 seconds to spare.  Just to put it in context, here’s the scoring summary:

    Base score: 42,840 (51 items found)
    Chain bonus: 535,500 (51 items in a row)
    Speed bonus: 3,000 (2 seconds remaining)
    Total: 581,340

    Yeah, so that speed bonus accounts for 0.5% of the total score.  Feels good to finish it… but I had hoped for a little more hoopla.  Good thing I can create a little all by myself!

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