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    2011 - 11.08

    Unfortunately Karin’s plan from last week of taking a day off when she felt the beginnings of a cold did not quite succeed.  I still think the idea is sound in principle, but this particular time it was not successful.  Friday she felt good so went back to work, but it caught up to her when she got home.  She spent the weekend being home sick, and then went in on Monday, with a similar result to Friday.  She’s home today, and tomorrow at least.

    It’s nice to get to spend time with her, just too bad it’s not under better circumstances.

    That said, it has led to us watching a large amount of TV together.  There’s a handful of shows that we don’t watch together, and then there’s a bunch that we do watch together, but given the aggressive time lines that she had been working with for her writing we’d fallen behind.

    So a few of the things we’ve watched while she’s been ill (and enjoyed):

    • Grimm
    • Terra Nova
    • Once Upon a Time

    We still have a lot of stuff on the PVR, but at the moment we’re watching faster than we’re adding, and it’s times like this when it’s nice to have a backlog of stuff that you want to watch rather than being stuck watching bad daytime TV while you’re sick.

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