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    2011 - 10.13

    Going out with Dave has changed me in many ways.  Here are some truths which had escaped me until 2002.

    1. Toaster ovens rock.  They’re great for nachos, melty sandwiches, cookies from frozen cookie dough, leftover pizza (aka ‘ZA!), and even toast.
    2. Good shoes are worth the price.  Hooray for non-hurting backs, non-sore feet and soles that feel like floating!
    3. Water is good.  Drink more water. Coke Zero does not count as water.
    4. Good cameras are also worth the price.  A good camera won’t make one a good photographer, but it sure helps!!
    5. I (allegedly) like pink, although I still don’t like to admit it.
    6. Red (tomato) sauce is pretty delicious.  Especially when eaten on fresh pasta. That someone else has prepared. Omnomnom…
    7. When I have a headache, I should take something for it instead of complaining about it.  I’m going to wind up taking a painkiller anyway, so I might as well take it earlier so I don’t suffer for as long.
    8. Finally, when eating cold cereal, especially Frosted Flakes, milk goes in first, then a small amount of cereal is added.  When that is eaten, the next small amount of cereal is added. NO MORE SOGGY CEREAL (except those wee, little bits that refuses to get on the spoon no matter how much you chase them around the bowl…or is that just me?)
    Dave was eating Frosted Flakes when I got home, hence the inspiration for the post.  I believe I may just follow suit. :)

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    3 Responses to “Frosted Flakes”

    1. Wendy says:

      A convert to his cereal eating technique. I don’t remember when he started eating it that way–maybe always.

    2. David says:

      I’m glad that you limited your selections to good things! ;-)

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