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    2011 - 10.03

    This is your One Week Warning for Karin’s birthday.  Which gives you a whole week to pick out or make the perfect card.

    A while back Karin picked out her birthday present to herself the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC), that said she’d be happy to let you contribute to that gift if you like.  She’s happy to accept cash, cheque and paypal ;-)  Seriously though, she decided that the ~$600 for the conference was a good investment, and she keeps getting more and more excited about it as it gets closer.  The stumbling block in deciding to go was the cost though.  I think she made the right decision, and really can’t wait to hear all about how awesome it was.

    If you’re looking for something else to get her there are undoubtedly countless appropriate things, some of which might even be in the following list:

    • something for the Geckos
    • something writer themed
    • a master class at the SiWC
    • a dress watch
    • something warm and fuzzy, or at least warm
    • ikea gift cards either for the expedit desk or for ribba frames
    • costco cash cards for prints or canvas prints
    • upgraded iPhone
    • art supplies

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