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    2011 - 10.01

    Today I thought I was going to have to make a tough decision, not an irrevocable one, but still a tough one.  Whether or not I should go Pro in the Duck Golf series.  On some level I’m really not good enough, at this point I can have no real expectation that I’d be able to win any of the events, or that I’d even be in the money.  But based on my historic performance over the last couple of years, my scores in Amateur Advanced (what I have been playing) would have been good enough to not finish last in any of the tournaments.

    Also, if I went Pro, I’d probably practice more and take things more seriously.  But with the car trouble from yesterday I can put off that decision for another month, which I’m ok with doing.  It means I can decide later if I want to donate $40 a month to play Pro, or if I want to pay $30 a month and probably win it back in plastic (Amateurs get paid in prizes instead of money).

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