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    Did NaNo come early?

    2011 - 10.31

    It feels strangely as though NaNoWriMo came early this year.  Karin and I went out to the library shortly after she got home, grabbed some food, and she then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours writing on the couch with her laptop.  It’s not even November yet!

    Heat Rises

    2011 - 10.30

    The third and latest Castle tie-in novel.  I think of the three that the second one is the strongest so far.  The books are campy and a little fun, and entertaining at times.  They clearly aren’t intended to be “good”, which is perhaps a little at odds with the show itself.  The show is definitely good, and Castle is quirky, but I’ve never gotten the impression while watching the show that he wasn’t actually a good writer.  So I’d say that the books themselves are below the level of writing and quality that you would have expected from the character themselves, which tarnishes the fiction that we’re trying to maintain as the credit for the novel is ascribed to the fictional character, and not the ghost writer.

    If you enjoy the show, you’ll probably enjoy the occasional reference to things from the series, but they don’t happen frequently enough to make it worth your effort.  Also in this particular book there seemed to be a bunch of jargon for no apparent reason (I don’t recall that from the previous books).

    On the merit of the books, I can’t imagine that someone would actually read the books and decide based on the books that they needed to check out the TV show.  The books just aren’t that good (although again, it seems as though that’s on purpose, although I don’t know why they’d do that intentionally).

    The greatest Halloween costume ever

    2011 - 10.29
    The greatest Halloween costume ever by docpop
    The greatest Halloween costume ever, a photo by docpop on Flickr.

    I don’t know that it’s the “greatest” costume ever, but it’s pretty good. I imagine that it could be pretty fun to do, and could essentially result in a series of random acts of kindness. – DC

    Via Flickr:
    Drawn by Doctor Popular, but based entirely on this Metafilter comment posted by np312.

    More comics, art, music, and projects on my blog. If you like this comic, please stop by my site to see what else I’ve been up to.

    Canada’s Walk of Fame

    2011 - 10.28

    Watched the televised Canada’s Walk of Fame ceremony from last week.  It was definitely hokey at times, but it was nice that each inductee also really did get an opportunity to speak.

    It’s too bad that that it’s in Toronto, but it is really cool that the inductees span a huge range of contributions: actors, athletes, author, ballet, cartoonist, comedian, director, fashion, science, singer, skating, writing and a few more.

    Although we to at times to fall into the same patterns as american media, we do in general tend to laud a more diverse group of “celebrities”.  Perhaps it’s a common wealth legacy, as I don’t feel that it’s uniquely Canadian, but I do think it is one of our better traits, recognizing excellence in others regardless of where that excellence lies.

    So much blogging…

    2011 - 10.21

    …so little of it here.

    I’ve been working a lot on various other blogs over the last little while.  In truth I’m starting to lose track of how long it’s been, it’s blurring together.

    Most of the work I’ve been doing has been migrating blog posts, but I’ve also been reading them, and updating their content, formatting and tagging.  So it feels like I’ve been blogging a lot, even though technically speaking the output is not “mine”.  But over the last few days, I’m quickly approaching 100 posts that I’ve edited and migrated (and counting).

    I’ll try not to burnout on the post elsewhere and devout a little creativity here… just not right now (obviously).

    Watch: The Fifth Element on-line!

    2011 - 10.20

    The Fifth Element is one of my all time favourite movies, I own multiple different copies of it (no Blu-Ray yet though).  Anyway, I just noticed that at least at the moment you can watch it on-line at Global‘s website.  Looks like it’s the whole thing, don’t know if it’s been edited for language or content or not (given that there’s swearing and nudity in it).

    If somehow you haven’t watched it before, go do so now.  Enjoy.

    New Business Cards

    2011 - 10.19

    So despite ordering the cards on Friday and having to settle for the 7 day shipping option (no 3 day rush shipping to our postal code), Karin’s new business cards which she needs for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference arrived today.  Which is awesome, because she didn’t need them until tomorrow.  Yay!  It’s nice when things work out.

    Rebuilding a website

    2011 - 10.17

    Karin’s got a new project, or maybe it’s not a project and more of a program as it may not have a real end.  Part of it involves a lot of website updates which I’ve been a little buried under… expect more details in the coming days, but maybe not until after SiWC.


    2011 - 10.16

    We watched the latest 3 episodes of Unforgettable last night, and we’re pretty sure that they aired them out of order.

    I think I can provide this one without spoilers, episode 3 relates to a hotel, and episode 4 relates to a fire.  In episode 3 there was some interaction with an ADA, while in episode 4 she meets the ADA seemingly for the first time.  Given the premise of the show, namely that she remembers everything, it seems pretty strange that she wouldn’t remember previously meeting the ADA, so I think they aired the episodes out of order.

    We deleted the episodes after we watched them, so we couldn’t go back and confirm our suspicions… but feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

    What did you have for lunch?

    2011 - 10.15

    We had roast beef, with roast potatoes, maple carrots and Yorkshire puddings.  Karin found the potatoes especially delicious.  I cut them up last night, tossed them in olive oil, oregano and salt.  Added a little bit of lemon juice before bagging them for the night (because the potatoes had started to brown a little).

    There’s left-overs, but you might have to fight Karin for them while I’m at Ultimate, so you should try bribes ;-)

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