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    2011 - 09.28

    If you follow along regularly you couldn’t help but know that Karin is now a published author and an award winning poet.  Yeah, I’m a little jealous.  I used to do a lot of creative writing personally, but it isn’t something that I’ve made time for in years.  I think that it was probably a few too many essays which kicked me out of the habit.

    Every now and again because of all the creative writing or I suppose just writing that she’s doing I think about doing some myself, but I mostly don’t find that I have stories which are trying to get out.  It’s not as though there aren’t ideas abound, but they aren’t ideas which require stories, it’s more likely that they are problems that I see and they are the solutions to those problems.  Important and useful skill, yes, conducive to keeping a reader interested, not so much.

    Well the other week, Karin started a new short story a paranormal noir story for a particular anthology (if memory serves).  Well, this time around I did get a bit of an idea, but it wasn’t so much an idea for a story as it was an idea for a character.  That said, it did lead to an actual paragraph or two.  Who knows if it will actually amount to anything more than that.  But here’s the first paragraph:

    I punched him, the bribe was insulting.  To think that I would compromise my principles for money, money!?  Idiot.


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    3 Responses to “Jealousy?”

    1. JC says:

      You’re welcome to do NaNo with me this year. I’m trying to get a group together to write a serial novel… want a chapter? No rewrites allowed. First drafts only:-)

    2. Karin says:

      It is indeed for an anthology. I’m very excited about your character and hope to read more paragraphs about him.

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