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    2011 - 09.14

    A while back I made a joke about being Harry Dresden for Halloween, but I don’t really think I could pull it off.  At various times in the past I’ve also thought of being Richard Castle just so that I could wear a bulletproof vest that said “Writer”, although that doesn’t feel nearly as appropriate these days, even if Karin would probably make a better Alexis.  She’s still definitely the writer around here (even if for the last few weeks at least I could claim to be the blog poster).

    Then again, given that there isn’t any trick or treating in the building (don’t think it’s a bylaw, just doesn’t seem to happen), and that we don’t have any party plans at present, maybe I don’t need a costume at all.  Karin on the other hand needs something that she can wear to school at least, if not additionally to a party.  Although, Karin would probably appreciate having the excuse to wear multiple costumes…

    Why am I posting about this now?  Well because if you start figuring it out now, you still have time to pull together an awesome costume for Halloween.  If on the other hand you don’t start thinking about it for another six weeks, then you might just be out of luck.

    So what do you want to be for Halloween?

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