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    2011 - 09.03

    Duh Duh Dugh!  Definitely the storyline for the week has been unpacking Karin’s classroom and getting it ready for students next week.  Normally you wouldn’t think this would be a big deal, but last year Karin’s school underwent seismic upgrading which means that her classroom needed to be packed up to be moved to a new school/classroom, and this time last year unpacked and setup, then at the end of the year (June) packed up and moved back to her old school (but a new classroom).  That’s probably a little hard to follow, here’s the timeline:

    • June 2010: old class packed up for moving to new school/class
    • August/September 2010: unpacking at new school/class
    • June 2011: packing at formerly new school/class
    • August/September 2011: unpacking at old school in new classroom while construction is still ongoing to finish the seismic upgrades

    So she’s back at the old school, in a new classroom, HER classroom.  She’s organized, and it shows.  Here are some “after” shots of the classroom setup (there’s still a bit of work to be done, but the heavy lifting is finished).  Perhaps Karin will post the “before” pictures in the next couple of days.



    Her desk and area:



    The pop machine last year’s class made for her:



    View out the windows near her desk:



    View out the windows at the other side of the classroom:



    The bulletin board on the cloakroom (I did the papering):



    Another bulletin board, and are those expertly assembled Ikea Ivar shelves?  Why yes they are:



    Another bulletin board, and are those expertly connected computers?  Why yes they are:



    Rolling cubbies with books in front of the radiator:



    Full room shots:





    So it took a lot of work this week, most of it by Karin, with help from her mom, and minor contributions by yours truly.  The results thus far are very impressive and satisfying, should be a great year!

    The downside is that Karin has a very sore back from all the work she’s been doing, so hopefully that will pass quickly, hopefully.

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    4 Responses to “The Classroom”

    1. Karin says:

      I would like to add “massive help” from my mom. She tackled all the nitty gritty stuff that I looked at and my head exploded.

      Thanks for all of the expert assembly and connectivity, especially since I no longer have a crooked Ivar! And I have THREE (3!!!) working computers. :)

      I will post the “before” and “in-progress” pics, maybe today. Maybe not. As of 0700, my back is achey and a little complain-y but nothing like yesterday’s spasms, thank goodness.

    2. JC says:

      Wow! No wonder it took you all week… and I thought my class had lots of books in it. Did you raid the library? Take the weekend off. You’ll need the sleep to tackle the week ahead.

    3. Keegan says:

      Woah… that looks fantastic!!! While I have my job for this year, I don’t have a ‘space’ yet… so I haven’t moved anything in :( Maybe this week…

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