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    No Power Up for you!

    2011 - 09.30

    I started packing my car to go to the Whistler Duck Golf, or rather I went down to my car to pack it for the tournament, and found that I’d managed to leave something electric on and that my battery was dead.

    Unfortunately, it was late on a Friday night, everyone (practically) is out of town doing other things.  I considered renewing my BCAA membership, and although it’s a good idea, I couldn’t justify it to allow me to go to the tournament.  It simply made the tournament too expensive to be worth travelling to.

    So a post on Facebook and I’ve got a jump arranged for Saturday morning.  No tournament for me.


    2011 - 09.28

    If you follow along regularly you couldn’t help but know that Karin is now a published author and an award winning poet.  Yeah, I’m a little jealous.  I used to do a lot of creative writing personally, but it isn’t something that I’ve made time for in years.  I think that it was probably a few too many essays which kicked me out of the habit.

    Every now and again because of all the creative writing or I suppose just writing that she’s doing I think about doing some myself, but I mostly don’t find that I have stories which are trying to get out.  It’s not as though there aren’t ideas abound, but they aren’t ideas which require stories, it’s more likely that they are problems that I see and they are the solutions to those problems.  Important and useful skill, yes, conducive to keeping a reader interested, not so much.

    Well the other week, Karin started a new short story a paranormal noir story for a particular anthology (if memory serves).  Well, this time around I did get a bit of an idea, but it wasn’t so much an idea for a story as it was an idea for a character.  That said, it did lead to an actual paragraph or two.  Who knows if it will actually amount to anything more than that.  But here’s the first paragraph:

    I punched him, the bribe was insulting.  To think that I would compromise my principles for money, money!?  Idiot.


    Costco: Photo Contest

    2011 - 09.27

    Hey everyone, if you haven’t already done it, you should enter the Costco Photo Contest.  I did.  But second place is still open.  Only requirement is that you need to be a Costco member to enter/receive a prize, otherwise it’s wide open.  If the picture you submit is of a cat or a dog then you can enter your picture for an additional prize.  It’s free, so there’s no excuses.  Go enter now!

    Prizes are:

    1. $1,500 Costco Cash card (First Prize)
    2. $1,000 Costco Cash card (Second Prize)
    3. $500 Costco Cash card (Third Prize)

    Winners also receive:

    • a Photo Book
    • 200 Free 4×6 online digital prints
    • SanDisk Ultra SDHC 8GB memory card

    The additional prizes that Dog/Cat photos are eligible for:

    1. $1,000 Costco Cash card (First prize)
    2. $750 Costco Cash card (Second prize)
    3. $500 Costco Cash card (Third prize)

    Costco closes September 30th, 2011.  But that doesn’t matter because you already entered, right?!

    Running low on books…

    2011 - 09.26

    If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Mirror Shards from Karin, she’s starting to run low on copies.  Of course we can always order in more, but the run of “first editions” is nearing an end.

    A Rough Couple Days

    2011 - 09.25

    Between a false fire alarm Thursday night/Friday morning (at 4 am), an all day disc golf event (which was awesome!!) and a 4 am wake-up thanks to the wind storm thumping cardboard boxes on our balcony to our glass doors I haven’t been sleeping super well…leading to me feeling a bit under the weather. I hope that my sore throat is better by tomorrow. I don’t want to miss any school in September…still working on routines with my kids and I only have a sketch of a dayplan for tomorrow. *I* could follow it pretty easily but I wouldn’t want to ask a TOC (Teacher On Call) to do it.

    Ace Race: Sold Out!

    2011 - 09.24

    Last night when I closed pre-registration there were 40 people on the list for the Ace Race, this year I went with 50 player’s packages which would be about right for previous years.  Today however there were a lot of people who showed up without registering, so many in fact that the 10 remaining player’s packages were sold, then the player’s packages for the 3 people who weren’t able to be there today were sold, then mine and Karin’s player’s packages were sold, then we made up a couple of packages out of previous year’s discs, and a couple of people split player’s packages and ordered their own.  So in total I think we had 60 people show up this year, which is pretty awesome.  The weather couldn’t have been better.

    Karin was a real trooper with all the help that she provided (all day), I really couldn’t have done it without her.  Keeping on top of everything, handling food and money and discs and unsolicited advances.  Especially after a couple of rough days (4am false fire alarm) and a long drive to Abbotsford for Pro-D, it was amazing.  Thank you!

    Shelves in the sidebar

    2011 - 09.22

    Finally after far too much html hackery we have Shelfari shelves displaying nicely in the sidebar.  So you can check out what Karin and I are reading pretty easily, if that’s something that interests you.  This would be where some of you would point out that it’s still there even if it doesn’t interest you, but we don’t have smart ass readers, right?

    They’re near the bottom of the right column, if you’re looking for them.  You’ll need to scroll down.

    Busy day

    2011 - 09.21

    Went to Bellingham today to pick up a shipment from UPS, the trip was uneventful, and although I didn’t spend much time in traffic, I still managed to spend about 6 hours round trip.  Karin on the other hand, spent the day working and then went off to investigate participation in a Geek Choir.  It’s a little odd for us to both be away from home that long, and to both be in totally different places.  When we’re better rested we may have more to say.

    Pedometer Check

    2011 - 09.20

    Last time that I uploaded my pedometer data to the tracking program I was disappointed to see that my average daily steps had fallen from 4,509 to 4,371.  This bothered me, and I’ve been working on reversing the trend.  Today after the upload my daily average steps for the year are now up to 4,521 (3.39km).  I’m pretty pleased with that.  Keep in mind that’s the average of everyday over all of 2011 so far, and includes all those lazy weekends when you don’t leave the house or the couch.

    The big change that has made this happen is the reintroduction of Disc Golf into my weekly activity calendar.  I like Disc Golf, and enjoy it.  Fundamentally it gives you a reason to walk around (potentially a lot).

    For the record my actual long term daily target is 4,200 steps/day, so I’m happy to still be above that and to still be able to increase it.  I know that they recommend that you do 10,000 steps/day but with these more accurate pedometers it’s difficult to do.  So I picked a goal that seemed achievable but not necessarily easy.  If I keep the golfing up, I might make it to 5,000 steps/day, we’ll see.

    ABC and Shaw feel our WRATH!

    2011 - 09.19

    Big night tonight, season 4 premiere of Castle.  Made sure we had the PVR setup to tape it.  Got home a little late, so we watched it together, seemed to start somewhat abruptly (just after a book signing?), but it wasn’t until a few commercial breaks later that I noticed that the timeline only went to 37 minutes.  Our concern was that we would miss the end.

    We continued to watch it, and were a little confused as the case was solved, wondering where the episode would go next.  Roll credits.  Turns out that it wasn’t the last 23 minutes that we missed, but the first.

    Ok, that was weird, but things happen sometimes.  That failure was on the ABC Timeshift channel, and it wasn’t 10pm on the west coast yet, so no big deal, we set it up to tape at 10pm as well (ok, 10:01pm as Castle starts late, although lets be honest who wouldn’t rather get an extra minute of Castle instead of something like Dancing with the Stars?!?!?!?!).  It happened AGAIN!  The PVR started to tape mid-episode.  What’s up with that?

    Now we’re going to have to watch the first 23 minutes of the episode streaming online.  Not impressed.  Don’t know whose fault it was: ABC or Shaw, but don’t let it happen again or there will be consequences!

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