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    2011 - 08.28

    Yesterday I was talking about all the new fall shows on Showcase, many of which we watch and enjoy, but I remember when Showcase was one of those fringe channels that aired weird and risky stuff.  I suppose they do still at times air risky stuff, but there’s a big difference between Kenny vs. Spenny and Venus in Furs.

    Anyway, just wondering what really happened to the Showcase Review hosted by Chas Lawther (YouTube clip), and whether there’s any chance that it will come back, or perhaps have something similar picked up by another channel (Bravo would seem the most likely).  To be honest I don’t know how many years it’s been since it’s been gone, but it would be really interesting to see some of the movies they showed in HD, and in truth a list of the movies which were broadcast as part of the Showcase Review would be really interesting, if anyone has access to such a thing.

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