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    2011 - 08.20

    Cross posted at Random Synapses.

    1. In under two hours, I can pick ten pounds of blueberries.
    2. One batch of jam needs 1.4 kilos of blueberries (just over 3 lbs…so pretty much 1/3 of my pick)
    3. Giant pots of water take FOREVER to get to a rolling boil.
    4. Despite a) using the right amount of ingredients, b) using more jars than necessary and c) losing some jam in a tragic boil-over incident, there will be more jam than you have jars prepared. (Seriously? WTF? Oh well, an excuse to eat the jar and a half that weren’t sterilized properly. Fridge jam FTW.)
    5. The largest regular sized pot is not big enough for one batch of blueberry jam. Use the stock pot. Tragic jam boil-overs CAN be prevented.
    6. Tragic boil-overs of jam stain washcloths like a mofo. Use dark cloths…unless of course you’re trying to mop up as the jam boils over. Then, grab whatever is handy.
    7. Jam jars that are in the process of sealing hiss, and then POP! Oh my god, it’s actually working! SCIENCE IS AWESOME!!!! (erm…I’ve only heard four pops and I made nine jars that should work. Slight worry ensues…we might be eating a lot of toast in the next couple weeks….OOH! Another one just went!)
    8. Making preserves with food that you picked yourself is awesome and empowering.
    9. Making preserves with food that you picked yourself FOR FREE!!! is even better. Muhahaha…

    Tomorrow, I will finally get to the blackberries that have been hanging out in the fridge…also picked for free by myself.

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    6 Responses to “Things (blueberry related) I Learned Today”

    1. JC says:

      I will gladly take some fridge jam off your hands:-)

      • Karin says:

        Come over for toast! The jam is delicious with yum.

        And I read a tip for canning…always prep more jars than you need. I did that, and STILL needed more jars!

    2. Wendy says:

      You could just make blackberry sauce and have it on ice cream. It is really good on cheesecake too, but that is more work :-)

      • David says:

        Really, it’s not that much more work. Make blackberry sauce, go visit parents who happen to have made a cheesecake to have with blackberry sauce, eat said cheesecake.

        Or was that not the process you were thinking? ;-)

      • Karin says:

        I’m actually planning on making a sauce or syrup…don’t have enough blackberries (YET!!!) to make a full batch of jam, although that is hopefully in the cards a smidge later when more berries are ripe.

    3. […] readers may remember that Karin went blueberry picking a while back.   One of the things which she wanted to make in addition to jam was pie or tarts.  […]

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