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    2011 - 08.13

    The last few days were a bit of a blur. I didn’t do a lot of posting for different reasons…my wrists were tired from typing on my phone, loads of stuff was happening, and I was extremely ashamed of the amount of napping that occured. But, as two different people pointed out, that’s what holidays are for! :)

    Mom and I went to the river and took a bunch of photos (will post soon…still going through the 1760 pictures we took over the ten or so days), much bread and deli meat were consumed, I went out for dinner with a good friend of Dave and I who moved to Edmonton about a year ago, I watched a lightning storm and recorded some of it on my Mom’s Flip (will post soon…haven’t even put it on my computer yet), FINALLY made it to Red Lobster (there aren’t ANY in BC, and every time there’s a commercial, I’m grumpy because it looks delicious. Mmmm…seafood…), scanned a bunch of Oma’s recipes (I’m especially excited about the recipe for plum dumplings…oh man…*hops in excitement*), Mom and I snuck out like naughty teenagers at 11 at night to pick up flowers to surprise Oma with on the night before we left (Oma ALWAYS has fresh flowers in the house…one of the many things that I’d like to follow her example in. :D Although I probably won’t have flowers all the time, they make me happy to see them.)

    There were loads of other things, but I can’t remember them all right now.  I’ll ask Mom, and look through photos and hopefully come across some other things. I learned a lot, and I’ve learned a lot about where I come from and who I am.  It was pretty awesome having three generations of women under one roof for that length of time.

    The drive home was nice.  We were chasing sunlight the whole way…literally every time we stopped, it would start pouring within a few minutes and when we were on our way again, we found ourselves in the sun again. Bizarre. We went through Jasper, down to Kamloops and stayed in Kamloops for the night.  I was pretty keen to keep going and push it home that night, but when we stopped in a hotel parking lot, I suddenly realized I didn’t trust myself to drive the two blocks to a different hotel.  Hokay…time to stop.  We might have accidentally sold our souls to get our hotel room.  The first place we stopped at wanted $130, no pool, no breakfast (Snottily: “We have a Denny’s right next door, so we don’t DO that.”  Hooooookay then.) and it was ten steps to get to the lobby and the elevator…lifting all our stuff up? No thanks.  The next place we went to charged $90, had a saltwater pool, hot tub, free breakfast (“Do you have a continental breakfast?”  “No, but we have a free hot breakfast in the diner!”  “…???!!!!”) and it was literally twenty feet from where we parked the car.  Excellent, sign us up!

    The final leg was long, and we kept thinking how horrible it would have been at night…we made a very good choice to stay over in Kamloops.  There had been some talk about heading to the Okanogan Okonagan Okanagon Kelowna so that I could buy fruit to can, but we did the math and realized it would be an extra five hours or so, and we just couldn’t face it, so we headed home, pulling into my Mom and Dad’s place around 2, and I got home around 3.

    It was a great trip, wouldn’t have missed it, but next time I think we’re gonna fly. :D

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