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    2011 - 08.12

    Ok, so it’s not really quite that epic, but I felt the need to use a literary pun.  Yup, hate me because I’m brilliant AND funny.

    Karin got home today just after 3pm (local time), which means that the whole long list of things I had hoped to get done were not.  That said, the lack of completion really has more to do with having a cold than with Karin arriving a few hours earlier than I had expected.  That said she appears to have been quite pleased with what was accomplished in her absence.

    Despite the fact that it was quite warm today, we ended up with a lasagna from Costco for dinner tonight (the frozen one) because that’s what Karin wanted.  It was pretty delicious, but the company was better.

    We watched Going the Distance tonight as well, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.  I thought the movie looked funny when it first came out, but we never got around to seeing it.  In watching it, it exceeded my expectations of hilarity, and we both enjoyed it quite a lot.  “Mia statue!”  It could be that we’re in the unique position of being reunited after an extended period of time apart (the movie is about a long distance relationship) which made the movie more apropo.  Regardless, much laughter ensued, and it will be remembered fondly.  So on that note: “Dan, take me to Berlin!”

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