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  • Road Trip: Days 5 & 6

    2011 - 08.07

    A couple of busy days, so a single post for both. :)

    Yesterday, Mom and I went to West Edmonton Mall…mostly to sightsee and gape at the skating rink and swimming pool. We got some pictures and bought a few things, mostly clothes for me and lunch. Mainly we just got walking exercise, which was good too. :) I did almost buy a sparkly purple ukulele from a very nice clerk in the music store. He and I chatted about probably ten different subjects in the 2 minutes I was in there…it was like getting hit with a tornado of awesome.

    When we got home, we visited with my aunt, uncle and cousin who had come up from Red Deer. They’re VERY into science fiction/fantasy so it was great to exchange book, TV and movie recommendations with like-minded individuals. :) I worked on my Muk Muk hat while we were all visiting and got most of it finished, then got the last bits finished today.

    Today was also busy! When I would visit my Oma in Kelowna, she would always make jelly rolls…cake rolled around flavoured whipped cream, usually chocolate or raspberry. It was one of my favourite treats and I only got it when I visited. Today, I learned to make it AND got the recipe. Woo hoo!! Since we already had some chocolate roll in the freezer and we had no raspberry jelly, we made mocha…coffee/chocolate and it was fantastic! I’m very excited about this. :) I was surprised by how easy it actually was…I always imagined it being far more involved. I might have to make it for a family gathering. :)

    This afternoon I went to the Jubilee theater on the University of Alberta campus and watched Wicked. It was stunning. I think I’ve become a musical junkie…just phenomenal. I’d read the book a few years ago but now I want to reread it and see the differences.

    While I was out, Mom made a pork roast, potatoes and a blueberry apple crumble, which were all fantastic. I’m stuffed to my Muk Muk hat but I’m contemplating heading for the kitchen for another round of that crumble… Two more of my cousins came for dinner and we all hung out chatting for a while. I have a lot of cousins…not nearly as many as my Cowbel counterpart, but a decent amount: nine on my Mom’s side and six on my Dad’s with ten great grandkids (second cousins once removed, I believe) on Mom’s side and two on Dad’s. This trip, I’ve managed to see 6/9 cousins and 9/10 second cousins. Not bad, especially with them living in four cities and two countries!

    Tomorrow is probably errands, hanging out with a friend who moved here, and nomming of vast quantities of left over desserts. :D And probably starting a new knitting project since I’ve finished one. :)


    2 Responses to “Road Trip: Days 5 & 6”

    1. Wendy says:

      Did you take your shawl to work on? Just teasing.

      • Karin says:

        LOL! No, it actually didn’t even occur to me. I think I’ve blocked it out. :) It’s funny…I started working on it on my trip to Edmonton last time. :)

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