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    2011 - 08.05

    We have been using Picasa for a little while now to try to get a handle on the huge number of digital photographs that we have (using version 3.8), and so far it seems to be working fine.  Not necessarily perfect, but definitely better than nothing.  Given that Picasa is free we didn’t spend huge amounts of time doing research, but rather decided more or less that we’d start there and if it wasn’t adequate that we could start looking for something different.  I don’t think we’re at the point yet where we’ve started to look for something different.

    One of the features that Picasa has now (and hasn’t always had if you haven’t tried it in a while) is the ability to detect “faces” in pictures, and so it will scan through all the photos it finds on your computer and identify what it thinks are faces in the pictures.  This can lead to some amusing errors, as I’ve seen it detect faces on billboards, artwork or advertising as faces, and on some level they are, they just aren’t “people”.  Regardless it does a decent job of this, after it finds the faces it starts to group them based on similarity and then you can start to label who those faces belong to.  It’s a little bit like training dictation software, the more faces you identify the better it becomes at suggesting other pictures which contain that person.

    The end result is that we both have fairly large listings of photographs which are identified with having either myself or Karin in them, which vastly narrows down the number of photographs that I needed to look at in order to find one of us that Karin could use to get a print for Oma.  The other nice thing about it is it virtualizes the folders in which you store your photographs, so it doesn’t matter if physically the photos are actually in the same folder, I can look at all of the ones with me in it regardless of their location, which is definitely a time saver.

    Picasa has this thing called Web Albums and to be honest neither of us has tried it, so maybe it’s awesome, maybe it’s not, but we’re both on Flickr.  But given that Picasa is maintained/owned by Google and Flickr is maintained/owned by Yahoo it’s not surprising that there isn’t native functionality that allows you to upload photos that you find in Picasa to Flickr… which leads to a little frustration, you can find the pictures, but not necessarily put them where you want (in this case a private set on Flickr where Karin can browse full resolution photos which she may then use to order prints from in Edmonton; which is just way more efficient than trying to email a bunch of high resolution images).  That said, we’re obviously not the first people to want to do something like this, and someone else has already solved the problem.

    Enter picasa2flickr which is essentially a “button” which you can install in Picasa (download it while you have Picasa running and it will prompt you to install it there), it will then allow you to select photos and send them to the Flickr Uploadr which you probably already installed if you’re using Flickr.  So once you have everything installed it’s a multi-step process:

    1. Find the pictures you want to upload in Picasa
    2. Send them to the Flickr Uploadr using the picasa2flickr button that you previously installed
    3. The pictures will appear in the Flickr Uploadr, and you use it as normal to create sets, add tags, and upload to Flickr

    Not necessarily super fast, but it works fine.  So despite the fact that the website doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2009 (picasa2flickr) it still works fine (or at least it did for us in both Windows XP and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit).

    Anyway, if you find yourself dealing with a similar problem, this just might be the solution for you.

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