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  • Road Trip: Day 4

    2011 - 08.05

    I did not sleep well. The air conditioning died sometime in the evening and it was hovering around 25 degrees by three am, reaching 30 by nine or so. Maintenance came three times to check it, finally bringing a portable a/c unit around six this evening. It’s currently blowing cold air right at me…not sure how I won the “get-the-air-conditioner-at-your-bedside” lottery but I’m sure not complaining.

    Mom and Oma did a bunch of cooking this morning and I was sent to the blessedly air conditioned grocery store to pick up a few things, then came back to help out. After lunch, Mom and I went did some shopping, including picking me up a tank top since I was running out of shirts. *

    A couple of times today, Mom and I would be hanging out…one of us reading or knitting and the other texting or playing iPhone games in a perfect reverse of the standard stereotype. I suggested that she get a GameBoy to complete the switch. :) Hmmm…Christmas present??? ;)

    I had a really horrible headache today, probably heat related or dehydration. I’m trying to drink a bunch of water but I don’t really like water and it’s awfully dry here, which makes things harder. Yes, I’m a spoilt princess. :p

    There are something like 10 of my friends out here right now…most of them just visiting. Crazy! Tomorrow I’m going to try and contact them. I’ve been either too busy or feeling too lousy to hang out, so plans will be made tomorrow.

    It looks like we will be leaving here Tuesday or Wednesday, thus arriving home Thursday or Friday. We aren’t planning on doing the drive in one mad dash (and unlike the drive here, we mean it this time!!)

    * I’m really not sure how I managed this. I’m the Queen of Overpacking. My overpacking is the stuff of legends. Bards and minstrels sing of over flowing suitcases and heavily laden mules, and yet I always run out of shirts. Ooh. Or pants. Once I went to horse riding camp with 15 pairs of socks, one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans. Those jeans could stand up by themselves by the end of the week. I belatedly apologize to my bunkmates in Spider’s Web in 1994. Ahem.


    One Response to “Road Trip: Day 4”

    1. David says:

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t sleep well, but I’m glad that it seems to be the first time this trip that you haven’t.

      So does Oma have a full kitchen at her place, or is there some other way that they were able to do baking? Did they make anything super delicious with apples and no raisins by chance? Also if it was so hot… baking!?!?!?!?!

      Also amusingly you’re demonstrating your age, your mom probably would have corrected you, no one plays on a GameBoy anymore, it’s a Nintendo DSi or 3DS these days ;-)

      Thank you for trying to drink water…

      Yup the lower mainland does feel pretty empty at the moment. Any luck in connecting with anyone?

      Sure you mean it, I’ll expect you at 4am on Wednesday ;-)

      We’ll start planning for your next trip and get you some travelling clothes when you get back.

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