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  • Road Trip: Day 3

    2011 - 08.04

    Today was pretty calm. I slept well even when other people were up (my bed is in the living room). Breakfast, then errands, lunch and a nap for everyone from age 31 to 91, grocery shopping, dinner and visiting with each other at home. Early bedtime for some, others were mostly just chillin’ and relaxing in the evening.

    There is a less-than-zero chance that I’ve finally recovered from two days of driving.

    Throughout the day I also started working on a crewel embroidery kit (you’ll have to look it up unless Dave links wikipedia or something…I haven’t figured out links on my mobile wordpress) and have a bunch of it done. I also managed to get bitten by a mosquito…through my jeans. Jerk. I also went to my favourite store, Dollar Giant!! I managed to leave after spending less than ten bucks…pretty much totally unheard of for me. Heh.

    Tomorrow I’ll be trying to make plans with people out here, doing a bunch of cooking with Mom, maybe going to W.E.M. (no sales tax…WHEEE!!)


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    1. David says:

      Did you mean there’s a “more than zero chance”?

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