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    2011 - 07.29
    Seagull on a lamp 01Seagull on a lamp 02Seagull on a lamp 03Bird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesBird at Bird Houses
    Bird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railing
    Pigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railing

    Rocky Point – Port Moody, a set on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Taken the afternoon of 27 July 2011 at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, B.C.

    So after far too many days of not feeling well Karin seemed to be largely over whatever was causing the increase in Ménière’s symptoms, and in truth was going a little stir crazy at home.  Needing to get out of the house is one thing, but figuring out what to do was entirely another.  Karin seemed to settle on the idea of going to a park and doing a bit of photography.  We considered and eliminated: the seawall, colony farm and Fraser foreshore park.  The first we eliminated because we’d be too far away from our car or what have you if Karin started to not feel well again, or just ran out of energy.  The other two we were unfamiliar with, and it looked as though the getting to far away would likewise be a problem for colony farm.  So although Karin has been to Rocky Point countless times, I had hardly been there at all, and so we decided it was a good fit.

    These are some of the photos that I took while we were walking around, hopefully Karin will post some of her own as well.  I think we also may need to look at acquiring a longer lens than our current longest (75-300mm) as there were some additional opportunities out there which we were unable to take advantage of.  We believe that we saw an eagle on one of the pilings, but even at maximum zoom the bird is too small to definitively identify, and definitely not of high enough quality to be worth posting.

    Incidentally, those birds at the bird houses, I have no idea what they are, so if you know… (ed. the birds have been identified as Purple Martins, this was my dad’s first guess, which was subsequently backed up by a bird book, and then details on the Rocky Point website.  You should be impressed, as the identification was before looking it up anywhere, which just served to confirm it.) 

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