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    2011 - 07.25

    So another day of making changes to Random Synapses, at this point I think that the major changes are complete.  At least until Karin really starts to use it as more than a blog, but we’ll see, there’s undoubtedly room for lots of little changes and improvements.

    The Geckos: Sasha and Ennis have been with us since the end of the school year, but today they went to a students house (probably for the rest of the summer).  Karin misses them already!

    When we got home it was time for some comfort food, so I surprised her by making fresh raspberry syrup to go with the waffles.  We’ve still got some syrup left…

    I know I’m boring, but maybe we can convince someone else to write tomorrow, perhaps a retrospective of the gecko’s visit complete with photos, there really should be plenty of them.  We’ll see.

    Oh wait, we did finally come up with an author bio for K.E. Abel to send in for her inclusion in the first Mirror Shards anthology edited by: Thomas K. Carpenter for Black Moon Books.  I think that it turned out pretty good… but we’ll keep you in suspense, after all for those of you who don’t like augmented reality it will provide incentive to buy the anthology ;-)

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