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    2011 - 07.02

    We had a weird experience yesterday. Our internet was down, due to a contractor cutting through a cable at some place around out neighbourhood. Normally my days are filled with hours of Facebook games and general “falling down the rabbit hole” as I wander through the tubes of the internet, discovering new webcomics and blogs, searching out recipes and art techniques I won’t use because I’m too busy with Facebook games.

    Instead, yesterday and part of Wednesday night was filled with reading, working on my cross stitch zombie project, writing from a writing prompt on Writing Excuses, two visual journal pages, washed some pots, went for a walk and visited with people for Canada Day.  While I still feel that the internet is a valuable tool, I’m starting to realize that I need to walk away from it sometimes. (The irony that I’ve just spent two hours drafting blog posts is not lost on me.)  Today, I’m going to the library to get some books on canning and preserving, going to the farmer’s market to see what’s in season and I’m going to make some preserves!

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    One Response to “The Internet…is DOWN!”

    1. Alican says:

      right, shaw has been f-ed up for 6 hours now. I live in Downtown, Vancouver.
      so I have to use my iphone to connect internet using with internet threatening.

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