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    2011 - 06.05

    Of course, after I was in a freezing cold dunk tank on a freezing cold day, the weather turns nice…just in time for the weekend I set aside to do pre-report card marking.

    I’m finding it particularly frustrating today because I’m getting my report card time inspiration to paint, garden, bake, etc.  I know that I shouldn’t do those things, but I don’t want to mark either, so I’ve been drifting all day without feeling like I’m getting much done.  Time for a list!

    Things I managed to accomplish today:

    • read some of Beloved (on The List)
    • eat breakfast
    • get dressed
    • do a couple of small visual journal entries
    • reread the beginning of a short story I wrote yesterday
    • decide I shouldn’t reread stuff so soon after writing it
    • feel depressed about my fiction
    • clean up some stuff from the table
    • sort marking
    • realize that “holy crap I’m missing a bunch of math tests”
    • play some Facebook games
    • read some of Beloved (on The List)
    • create some draft posts over at Random Synapses for the six (6?!) books that I’ve read but haven’t posted about.
    • agonize over the fact that I’m so behind in my posts
    • admire my garden, and realize that I’ve got a half dozen baby cherry tomatoes and two baby brandywine tomatoes.
    • glare at my marking
    • play some Facebook games
    • draft some math comments for report cards, hopefully saving me time for next year
    • consider whether 11 am is too early for wine
    • decide it is, regretfully
    • play some Facebook games
    • try to figure out what would be good for dinner
    • decide to delay that decision
    • realize I forgot to go to the library yesterday
    • think about putting on nail polish
    • play some Facebook games
    • feel guilty about neglecting Cowbels
    • write this post

    I’m taking away from this that I have in fact accomplished some things today…so YAY! I’m also taking away that I feel guilty about many things, and negative about many others…so BOO! I need to work on that.

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