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    Sunny Weather

    2011 - 06.05

    Of course, after I was in a freezing cold dunk tank on a freezing cold day, the weather turns nice…just in time for the weekend I set aside to do pre-report card marking.

    I’m finding it particularly frustrating today because I’m getting my report card time inspiration to paint, garden, bake, etc.  I know that I shouldn’t do those things, but I don’t want to mark either, so I’ve been drifting all day without feeling like I’m getting much done.  Time for a list!

    Things I managed to accomplish today:

    • read some of Beloved (on The List)
    • eat breakfast
    • get dressed
    • do a couple of small visual journal entries
    • reread the beginning of a short story I wrote yesterday
    • decide I shouldn’t reread stuff so soon after writing it
    • feel depressed about my fiction
    • clean up some stuff from the table
    • sort marking
    • realize that “holy crap I’m missing a bunch of math tests”
    • play some Facebook games
    • read some of Beloved (on The List)
    • create some draft posts over at Random Synapses for the six (6?!) books that I’ve read but haven’t posted about.
    • agonize over the fact that I’m so behind in my posts
    • admire my garden, and realize that I’ve got a half dozen baby cherry tomatoes and two baby brandywine tomatoes.
    • glare at my marking
    • play some Facebook games
    • draft some math comments for report cards, hopefully saving me time for next year
    • consider whether 11 am is too early for wine
    • decide it is, regretfully
    • play some Facebook games
    • try to figure out what would be good for dinner
    • decide to delay that decision
    • realize I forgot to go to the library yesterday
    • think about putting on nail polish
    • play some Facebook games
    • feel guilty about neglecting Cowbels
    • write this post

    I’m taking away from this that I have in fact accomplished some things today…so YAY! I’m also taking away that I feel guilty about many things, and negative about many others…so BOO! I need to work on that.

    Fun Fair

    2011 - 06.02

    Today Karin’s school had a fun fair to raise money for the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), and she took the first shift in the dunk tank.  According to a student who was counting she got dunked 15 times.  I was there delivering towels and taking video, which after it’s reviewed may be shared.  I’ll leave it to Karin to talk more about the fair if she wants.

    Polish Sausage Returns!

    2011 - 06.01

    Everyone might not be as excited about this as I am.  I was at Costco today, which is probably a weekly thing for me, and I noticed that they had a new sign at the concession advertising their 1/4 pound plus hot dog and drink… and on the sign it also said Polish Sausage!  Historically, Polish Sausages were available at the concession, but they became unavailable quite some time ago (could be 10 years) with restrictions on meat imports/exports due to mad cow concerns.

    I am very happy to see them back, at least at the Burnaby Costco location, and hopefully elsewhere throughout Canada (to the best of my knowledge they continued to be available at US Costco locations for this entire prohibition period).

    I did not find the sausages which I believe are Kirkland brand in the store for purchase, but I didn’t ask either, and that may change.

    New Month

    2011 - 06.01

    So it’s the beginning of a new month, I wonder if we’ll be able to post every day this month.  We’re getting better in general, but then we sort of fall off the wagon.  I guess we’ll find out.  Wish us luck.

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