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    Banana Bread

    2011 - 05.10

    Made some banana bread yesterday using our new loaf pan.  It’s the recipe that Karin uses, but for some reason I just don’t think it tastes as good as when she makes it.

    Proud Canucks Fans

    2011 - 05.09

    Most people probably haven’t actually noticed this but we have a bit of a Canucks shrine in our apartment, at least during the playoff run.  It consists mostly of old and new playoff towels including one from 1994 (the last time the Canucks made it to the Conference final).

    Karin has acquired a couple of new pairs of Canucks socks, which are one of the few pairs which she makes sure are actually matched when she wears them.

    What is visible to those not privy to the inside of our apartment is the big Canucks flag that we have displayed in our 16th floor window.

    Here’s hoping that our shrine and the hockey gods will help the Canucks wrap up this series with Nashville tonight!

    Time Lapse Photography/Video

    2011 - 05.09

    While reading one of those lists of suggestions for mother’s day, we came across a couple of interesting suggestions, a bird camera with motion sensor to automatically take pictures of the birds as they come to feed and a plant cam which does time lapse videos of plants growing.

    In truth they would probably sort of interest both of our mom’s, but they SCREAM Karin, and she’s a little infatuated with them at the moment.  So we’re doing some research into software and equipment for doing time lapse photography/video so if anyone has suggestions, or experience please share.

    Turns out that the stuff which we found is actually available locally.  So we might have to check them out and see what prices are like, and maybe talk to someone who hopefully has used them.  One of the coolest features of finding the website behind them, is that they have some accessories, the coolest being the option to power the camera with a solar panel instead of batteries, so that you can just keep it running indefinitely.

    This all ties in nicely with the new balcony garden which Karin has set up, so we’ll see how it pans out.

    Back on the Shelf!

    2011 - 05.08

    In case you’ve been following Karin and her 100 book challenge 2011, she’s back on the shelf and taring through some of the books once again.  You can check out her assorted posts at randomsynapses.ca if you’re so inclined.

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