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    2011 - 05.20

    A number of shows that we’ve been watching this year have fallen under the axe.  Just taking a moment to remember them (14):

    • Breaking In (FOX)
    • Chase (NBC)
    • Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)
    • Lie to Me (FOX)
    • Life Unexpected (CW)
    • Human Target (FOX) we’ll really miss this one!
    • No Ordinary Family (ABC) we’ll really miss this one!
    • Outlaw (NBC) this one didn’t last long…
    • The Cape (NBC)
    • The Chicago Code (FOX)
    • The Event (NBC)
    • The Good Guys (FOX)
    • Undercovers (NBC) this one didn’t last long.
    • V (ABC)

    On the bright side there are some returning shows (10) that we enjoy to:

    • Body of Proof (ABC)
    • Bones (FOX)
    • Castle (ABC) one of the few must watch!
    • Chuck (NBC) what’s it say when we only watch one of the non-cancelled shows on NBC?
    • Fringe (FOX)
    • Glee (FOX)
    • House (FOX)
    • Nikita (CW)
    • Supernatural (CW)
    • Vampire Diaries (CW)

    The official announcements from CBS haven’t happened yet, so we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

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