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    2011 - 05.11

    A while back we started replacing our baking equipment with new stuff which was nicer, more non-stick, and in general higher quality.  This was helped by the fact that Costco was selling some of it at the time.  We’ve been moving to Pyrex non-stick bakeware and so far have no complaints about it.  The baking sheets are kind of cool because they tell you where to put the cookies with a series of circles on them.  The muffin tins tell you how far to fill them with an indicator line.  In other words, little things, but smart little additions.

    So the first negative experience was with our recently acquired loaf pan, and really it has nothing to do with the pan itself (haven’t used it yet, although there is Banana Bread in our future).  We bought it at Home Outfitters with one of there 20% off coupons, because you should always do that…  I guess I found some old stock, because there was a “coupon” on the pan itself for $3.00 off that was good until 11/30/09, and alas we come to the reason for the rant.

    Why, oh why does anyone/thing have a date in this format any more?  November 30, 2009?  September 30, 2011?  Did Y2K not teach anyone anything?  Please use four digit years!  Or at least use an apostrophe: ’09, ’11.  Or get away from exclusively numeric dates and remove all the ambiguity: 30 Nov 2009… which only leaves the question of whether or not it was a Tuesday!  It’s a simple little thing, so do it better!  If it was hard, I’d understand, but it’s not.

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