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    Darth Vader (the beverage)

    2011 - 05.23

    We recently added Grenadine to our “cabinet” which opened up a new option for me, the Darth Vader.  Known historically as the Roy Rogers, it’s a mocktail which has very fond memories for me, which is why I recently had a couple of them!

    When I was younger, my parents would periodically take us out to The Keg for special occasions, and to this day it’s still one of my favourite restaurants (even without the salad bar, or the baked potato fixings delivered to the table, or the real sourdough bread).  Today I have a usual order at The Keg, but back then it was different: Teriyaki Salmon (no longer on the menu unfortunately) and a Darth Vader.

    Anyone else have favourite food memories?

    Fast Food: Value Menus

    2011 - 05.22

    Everyone seems to have value menus and such these days, which on some level is appreciated.  I wonder however if instead of offering value menus if they could get away with a “lowest price guarantee”.  Might seem a little odd in the context of fast food, but they have combos, or just the sandwich or side orders, etc…  How about if they gave you the best price regardless of how you ordered it?  If you order a “combo” or order the same individual items why don’t you get the same price automatically?  I think that people would appreciate this relatively simple concept and that it might actually result in better results than the current value menus.

    Slave Lake Library

    2011 - 05.21

    (Cross posted at Random Synapses)

    Thanks to the Burnaby Public Library (and the Library of Jen), I’ve managed to do the first twenty books of The Project without having to spend any money, except the occasional overdue fines. I can’t imagine being without my library, and the people of Slave Lake will be doing without for some time now, as their library was completely destroyed by fire earlier this month.

    The BPL and other libraries have teamed up to help out Slave Lake rebuild their library collection and spread the news.

    Product Suggestion: Planking Bag

    2011 - 05.21

    Like all sorts of other people out there we enjoy cooking various foods on planks, and they are increasingly easy to find all over the place.  The one problem with planking is the need to soak the planks for an extended period of time before grilling/cooking.  Well realistically that’s not the problem, it’s easy enough to do if time consuming.  What it does do however is waste a bunch of water, although the planks are well sized for what you’re cooking on them, they are not well sized for the things you might soak them in: the sink, pots, bath tubs, etc.  Of course on top of that being wood the planks float which leads to other difficulties.

    It seems that in this day when we’re supposed to be more aware of our water usage and make efforts to conserve that someone could mass manufacture a heavy duty zipper bag which was a little larger than a plank and which allowed you to fully emerse the plank in only slightly more water than the plank could absorb.  I think the benefits of this are obvious: less water wasted, easily soak multiple planks, keep a pre-soaked plank around, etc.

    So someone out there with appropriate connections, get on it, I’ll take three.

    TV: Obits

    2011 - 05.20

    A number of shows that we’ve been watching this year have fallen under the axe.  Just taking a moment to remember them (14):

    • Breaking In (FOX)
    • Chase (NBC)
    • Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)
    • Lie to Me (FOX)
    • Life Unexpected (CW)
    • Human Target (FOX) we’ll really miss this one!
    • No Ordinary Family (ABC) we’ll really miss this one!
    • Outlaw (NBC) this one didn’t last long…
    • The Cape (NBC)
    • The Chicago Code (FOX)
    • The Event (NBC)
    • The Good Guys (FOX)
    • Undercovers (NBC) this one didn’t last long.
    • V (ABC)

    On the bright side there are some returning shows (10) that we enjoy to:

    • Body of Proof (ABC)
    • Bones (FOX)
    • Castle (ABC) one of the few must watch!
    • Chuck (NBC) what’s it say when we only watch one of the non-cancelled shows on NBC?
    • Fringe (FOX)
    • Glee (FOX)
    • House (FOX)
    • Nikita (CW)
    • Supernatural (CW)
    • Vampire Diaries (CW)

    The official announcements from CBS haven’t happened yet, so we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

    Chuck: Final Season

    2011 - 05.19

    We’re actually not up to date on Chuck at the second, but one of our favourite shows which has perennially been on the cancellation bubble is getting one more season of 13 episodes to wrap things up.  Very appreciative of it and looking forward to it!

    The move to Friday’s might be good too, since there’s not a lot of good TV on Friday’s anyway.

    Endgame: Disc Sports

    2011 - 05.18

    Endgame, which we’ve talked about here a few times before as being good and chess themed as well as being shot in Vancouver has another claim to fame: in the same season it both references Ultimate Frisbee (and shows a disc) and Frisbee Golf (latest episode). Anyway, thought it was worth acknowledging. If you’re not already watching it, you should check it out.

    Bob Ross

    2011 - 05.12

    I know I’ve talked about Bob Ross before, but I have to again.  Just ‘cuz. (And because I’m going through the 20 recorded Joy of Painting episodes we’ve got…I hadn’t realized they were in HD.  Whoops.)

    I’m sure there’s already a Bob Ross drinking game, which I’ll search out for after I do my own.  Please add more thoughts in the comments!

    Take a drink every time Bob says:

    “A happy little *noun*.” (favourites are tree, cloud, painting)
    “Give him a friend.” (ie: putting a second tree in there)
    White like “hhooo-ite” (small sips, or you’ll be hammered by the end of the first five minutes)
    “This is your world”, “You’re in control”, “You can do whatever you like”
    “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” (My students finish that when I start saying that…hahah)
    “This just lives right over here.”
    “Just make up a little story.”
    “Get a little roll of paint.”
    “It don’t work unless you put in the sound effects.”
    “Do a *noun*ectomy.” when cutting off part of a bit of painting (cabin, tree)
    “Some of my friends.”
    Mentioning Peapod, his baby squirrel.

    Drain your glass at the point where Bob does SOMETHING where you think “Oh man, he’s totally screwed this up…how’s he gonna fix that??”

    I love this guy. Would you believe that he used to be in the army and yelled at people like crazy?

    Dates: Why not just do it the RIGHT way?

    2011 - 05.11

    A while back we started replacing our baking equipment with new stuff which was nicer, more non-stick, and in general higher quality.  This was helped by the fact that Costco was selling some of it at the time.  We’ve been moving to Pyrex non-stick bakeware and so far have no complaints about it.  The baking sheets are kind of cool because they tell you where to put the cookies with a series of circles on them.  The muffin tins tell you how far to fill them with an indicator line.  In other words, little things, but smart little additions.

    So the first negative experience was with our recently acquired loaf pan, and really it has nothing to do with the pan itself (haven’t used it yet, although there is Banana Bread in our future).  We bought it at Home Outfitters with one of there 20% off coupons, because you should always do that…  I guess I found some old stock, because there was a “coupon” on the pan itself for $3.00 off that was good until 11/30/09, and alas we come to the reason for the rant.

    Why, oh why does anyone/thing have a date in this format any more?  November 30, 2009?  September 30, 2011?  Did Y2K not teach anyone anything?  Please use four digit years!  Or at least use an apostrophe: ’09, ’11.  Or get away from exclusively numeric dates and remove all the ambiguity: 30 Nov 2009… which only leaves the question of whether or not it was a Tuesday!  It’s a simple little thing, so do it better!  If it was hard, I’d understand, but it’s not.

    Banana Bread (II)

    2011 - 05.10

    Dave made some banana bread yesterday using our new loaf pan.  It’s the recipe that I use, but for some reason I think it tastes much better when he makes it.

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