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    2011 - 04.25

    After several weeks of planning, we finalized the garden plan for our balcony.  We decided to go with all edibles.  One pot has herbs (oregano, sage, savoury and marjoram), and we’ve also got peas, beans, strawberries, various leaf lettuces, zuchinni and probably something else I forget. We’re also trying out some carrot and beet seeds.  I want to get some basil and tomatoes, but it’s too cold for them out on the balcony right now, so I decided not to bother buying them for a couple of weeks.  I’ve got some garlic as well, but haven’t planted them yet…kinda ran out of pots…oops.

    Three of the pots we’re using are 12″ Eezy Gro self watering containers.  My biggest issue is remembering to water plants, so hopefully these will work out.  They were $6.97 at Walmart, which made them cheaper than most of the other 12″ pots around.

    Pictures and progress upcoming. :)  I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT MY WEE GARDEN!

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