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    2011 - 04.01

    I often wonder how it is that designers or architects or builders seem to make senseless decisions on a regular basis.  There are so many things that they do that drive me crazy, as they make little or no sense.

    The current thing that’s bothering me is walk-in closets in small dwellings.  In a mansion or large house walk-in closets are luxurious, and represent a very small percentage of the overall square footage* of the dwelling.  Unfortunately this “luxury” concept has resulted in walk-in closets being included in small and modest sized condos.

    The fundamental problem with walk-in closets is that they are a waste of space!  How can I say this with such confidence?  Well, simply because it is true.  When you take a traditional closet, it is attached to a room and separated from that room only by some sort of simple door mechanism.  The closet uses only as much space as is needed in order to store clothes, there is no additional space used for someone to stand in and examine the contents, instead you use space in an existing room to stand in, which means that the space in the room functions both as space to stand in and use the closet as well as “hallway” in the room.  When you build a walk-in closet you enclose “hallway” within the closet which cannot be used for anything else.  Additionally, walk-in closets tend to include corners, and corners are very difficult to use effectively in closets.

    Now it may only be a few square feet 5-20 square feet that are used in this way, but wouldn’t you rather that your bedroom was 5-20 square feet larger?

    Developers if you’re listening, stop doing it!  We already struggle enough with keeping our small spaces clean and organized without you wasting space and making them less efficient.

    * is there a metric equivalent that flows?

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