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    2011 - 03.28

    Last night, lying in bed I asked Karin “Did you remember to put your chicken in the fridge?”  You see she had gotten full and hadn’t finished all of her dinner, and putting away leftovers is not necessarily something she always remembers to do (usually in a cute sort of way).  Anyway, yesterday she had remembered to put it away, which was good, but then came the disclaimer: “But it’s on top of your juice so be careful.”

    You see, she had put it into the fridge on the plate she had been using for dinner, but had not covered it with anything.  That’s a big no-no from my perspective, although I suppose not everyone shares that opinion.  Anyway, so I got out of bed to put the chicken into a container, and to take the plate out of the fridge.  I open the fridge, and laugh, “Karin you left your knife on the plate”, I observe as I reach for the plate.

    “I know, and the fork too, to save time.”

    I laugh again, and put the chicken in a suitable container and add the cutlery and plate to the dishwasher.

    * this story is mostly true, quotes are probably in truth paraphrases of the actual conversation.

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