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    2011 - 03.27

    Maybe you’ve seen the ads for Boston Pizza where they talk about “finger cooking” or as it’s been known for ages: ordering in.  We felt like having a relaxing night in, so we decided we’d give their new on-line ordering a try.  Pretty easy to use, and a few other benefits as well.

    • You get a special on your 1st, 5th and 10th order.  For us at least on our first order it was a free order of the Bandera Pizza Bread appy ($6.99 value)
    • Also, Boston Pizza’s pizza is pretty expensive, and I don’t think they do a good enough job of promoting this fact, but when you order two pizzas the cheaper on is half price, so that’s another benefit or ordering in

    I also signed up for their e-newsletter, and got a coupon for a free appy for my next visit (in store).  Anyway, the food is exactly what you expect from Boston Pizza, and the ordering is easy, including ordering the Boston Royal without onion (after selecting the pizza, you are presented with a pop-up that lets you pick what size and crust, and the topings that are on it are already selected, you can add others, or remove existing ones, or have them put on one half or the other half only, or get extra of it; all pretty intuitive and easy to use).

    Don’t know how often we’ll order from there, as it’s a little more expensive than the typical pizza place, but the experience was good overall, and their menu is a bit more diverse as well.  Hopefully your experience will be positive as well.

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