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    2011 - 03.20

    A new Canadian series (Endgame) on Showcase about a Chess Master who solves crimes without leaving his hotel.  The first episode was interesting, and we’ll have to see if they can continue to build on it to make it compelling.  It’s an interesting combination of Nero Wolfe and Monk.  One of the most interesting things about it though is that it is both filmed and set in Vancouver.  We get a lot of productions made here, but very few of them are actually supposed to be here.  The key difference is those sweeping exterior shots which you see are actually of Vancouver, and not San Fransisco or New York or somewhere else.  It’s worth tuning in just to see some of those shots.

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    2 Responses to “Endgame”

    1. Wendy says:

      We enjoyed the first episode too.

    2. […] which we’ve talked about here a few times before as being good and chess themed as well as being shot in Vancouver has another claim to fame: in the same season […]

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