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    2011 - 03.20

    I’ve been doing a lot of painting and drawing lately, plus a bit of knitting again. I have a painting project that I’m working on.  The first three paintings are on Flickr and I’ll be doing three more in the next little while.  I’ve also gotten interested in weaving, but don’t have access to a loom right now.  I’ve always dabbled in writing as well.  What’s so weird to me is how subjective art is.  I mean, yeah, I understand that people like some things more than others, but of the three people I’ve asked, each person likes a different one of the vegetables the best, and for the same reasons.  Generally speaking, when I draw something, I can tell if it’s good or not pretty quickly.  I can’t do that with writing.  This makes it harder for me to write, because I’m very big on instant gratification and knowing that something is good or not.  Sometimes I’ll come back to something I’ve written earlier and CRINGE because OMG WHO PUT THOSE ADVERBS IN THERE?!!? or I’ll realize that something I’ve highlighted and put a big note saying “MUST CHANGE THIS IS TERRIBLE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!!?” is actually pretty darned good. (I talk to myself in all caps and with lots of exclamation points.  Inside my brain is a very noisy place.)

    In the hopes of being able to change my view of writing, I am beginning an intensive writing program.  For the next week, I’ll be spending two hours a day with other aspiring authors and teachers to improve and refine my creative writing.  I’m so very excited about this.  As Dave has/will be mentioning in another post, writing is a career that I’ve often thought of, and this may be a great step towards that end.

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