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    2011 - 03.06

    I like cookies. I like many different kinds of cookies, but I especially like chocolate chip cookies. I am, however, occasionally picky about certain things and cookies are one of them.  The checklist for my perfect chocolate chip cookie is as follows:

    1) Chewy.  Real chocolate chip cookies bend and melt in the mouth, and are not dry.

    2) Just chocolate chips. No nuts (except for white chocolate macademia, but that doesn’t count because white chocolate is NOT chocolate). Adding stuff like Skor bar pieces make it delicious, but not what we’re talking about.  An exception is Smarties or M&Ms.  They are honourary chocolate chips.

    3) Semi-sweet chocolate chips. A mixture of white and milk in addition to the semi-sweet are acceptable.

    4) Vanilla dough. A double chocolate cookie is delicious, and awesome, but is not a real chocolate chip cookie by my personal and completely biased criteria.

    That being said, Dave made cookies yesterday. They were crunchy and had pecans in them, breaking two of my iron clad rules…and they were freakin’ awesome. As I posted on Twitter and Facebook, “I may have eaten five chocolate chip cookies in six minutes, but since I washed them down with skim milk, they were a healthy snack, right??”

    Perhaps it may be time to revisit some of my other food rules and see if they can be bent slightly.

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