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    2011 - 02.14

    Went to the library today, actually two different branches of the library to pick up a few books today.  I’ve read a few books off of Karin’s 100 Book Challenge, but found that I needed something a little different.  It just seemed like although the books on the list are technically books (which you can prove because you can touch them, and they look like books) and they are presumably novels… but some of them really really don’t seem like they are stories.

    So in needing something new to read, I resorted to the library.  Karin had mentioned a book by Kim Harrison which she had bought, as the author had been recommended, but it turned out not to be the first book in the series (actually it’s book 5).  I read a couple of pages of it to get a feel for it last night, and then picked up the first four books at the library today.

    When I got home I showed Karin the books that I brought home, and she was excited to see the Kim Harrison books, I leave the room for a few minutes and when I returned, there’s Karin curled up on the couch reading the first book in the series.  That’s right, she book-jacked me, but because she’s cute and not feeling well I let her get away with it.  So now I’m reading a non-fantasy novel by Terry Goodkind: The Law of Nines, I’ll let you know how it goes, interesting so far (5 chapters in).

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    One Response to “I Got Book-Jacked!”

    1. Karin says:

      You could’ve waited another 30 seconds for me to finish it…haha. :) It is ready for you, and i managed to restrain myselffrom starting the next one and made it to sleep at a semi-decent hour. Yaay mee!!

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